Multipurpose-purpose transport is a hauler of freight. It is based on the principle of predictable superior results. Every time you ship the Multi-purpose way you know exactly the results you will get; superior service and dedication to excellence. Our principal activity in this division is to provide transportation of goods. Our policy is to provide a cost effective solution to our customers transport requirements. We offer fast, reliable and safe transport for goods of various sizes to various places. Every truck is fitted Driver Management System for quick and easy location of the transported goods. They are also fitted with a motor Vehicle tracking system. We actually know where the customer's freight is at any given time. Vehicles are driven by skilled and trained drivers with long-term experience in international road transport. Drivers are regularly trained in order to help you solve your logistical problem on high quality.


To seek unlimited growth and developing an unrivalled model for promoting a company with the best team in sales support and service in particular the distribution sector.


Our vision is to be the national leader in the distribution industry, providing effective and efficient integrated specialist solutions.


To become the nation’s leading commercial supplier and transporter. The key to our dramatic success and growth is simple; we put great emphasis on a teamwork approach and the power of one-on-one interaction in order to achieve 100% total customer satisfaction in every event.